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Until We Meet Again...
 Everything felt all wrong. The voices, the lights…it all seemed to be happening far, far away…concealed behind a veil of fog. Everything was hazy, disconnected. Focusing on things one at a time was the only way to make sense of anything.
 The first thing Ib noticed was an aching in her head, accompanied by the thunderous roar of her blood pounding in her ears. All other sound was muffled considerably, but she could faintly make out the voices of two men talking nearby.
 “How’s the girl?” One asked. “Disoriented. She’s suffering from a minor concussion as well as a few scrapes and bruises, but nothing too serious.” Two shook his head. “It’s a miracle she made out as well as she did. The damage could have been much worse…” “And the boy?”
  Boy? Ib thought groggily. What boy? All at once the images came flooding back to her. The pelting rain, the crowded street, the car that seemed
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Mature content
Free From You Pt.3 :iconchocobo-chaser92:Chocobo-Chaser92 0 3
Free From You Pt.2
Rin ran all the way back to his dorm, ragged and reeling. Along the way he had berated himself unmercilessly for allowing his emotions to spiral out of control again, which had caused his face to distort frighteningly and become even more sharklike. Rin’s intense expression even scared one hapless kid who had the misfortune of crossing paths with him as he was in hot pursuit of his friend (who happened to share a striking resemblance with Haru.) Kuso!
Rin was almost to the dorm before rethought his decision and hastily changed course. If he went back to the dorm, Ai would only pester him about what happened at the pool. He would undoubtedly try to baby and coddle him thinking that he was sick or try to boost his confidence if he thought that his times were discouraging him. Rin knew he meant well, but at times Ai could be a real pain in the ass. Instead, he ran in the direction of home.  
As Rin threw open the door to the house he was thankful for the quiet emptiness,
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Free From You Pt.1
Bzzzt. Bzzzt. Rin's flame red eyes shot daggers at his cell as it moved shakily across his desk. You can all just piss off, he thought snappishly. I said I wasn't going, and I meant it.
The phone shook haughtily in protest, it's demanding light piercing the dark room.
"Argh!" Rin cried, leaping to his feet. Snatching the phone off the desk he opened it violently and grouns his sharp, shark-like teeth together as he perused through the texts. Hey Rin-chan, it's Nagisa! Hope you haven't forgotten about our trip to the beach tomorrow! It's gonna be great! We're leaving for the beach at eight a.m. It would mean a lot to us if you changed your mind. Hope to see you there! -Makoto Dear Rin-chan-san, it's Rei. I hope you don't think you can skip out on the beach trip. You know how long we've been planning it. It's all Nagisa's been talking about and I'm not going to let you disappoint everyone.
"Tch." Rin scoffed in the dark. I bet all those idiots are
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Cat Butler :iconchocobo-chaser92:Chocobo-Chaser92 1 0
Mature content
No Place to Hide Pt.5 :iconchocobo-chaser92:Chocobo-Chaser92 6 9
No Place to Hide Pt.4
 Jack had to resist the urge to pull Pitch by the hand like a little kid would as he was leading him out because Pitch followed him apprehensively, unsure as to where Jack was leading him. Jack didn't really know himself, his one and only motive was getting Pitch out of the darkness.
  When they got to the entrance Jack had practically forgotten about it closing in on itself. But he gently stroked it with his palms as he had before and, quivering, it opened to him. Watching Jack work with adept but gentle hands, Pitch felt a strange shiver pass through him as well.
   Turning to face him, Jack gave him an encouraging smile as they climbed up into the early morning light. It had been a while since Pitch had left the hollow. In fact, he had stayed down there since the last time he had seen Jack. In person, anyways. Pitch grimaced as he recalled Jack had heard him talking in his sleep. How much did he hear? Pitch wasn’t sure if he was ready to find out.
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No Place to Hide Pt.3
   Jack's heart leapt into his throat, and he wondered if he should abandon his hiding place or remain perfectly still. He could feel Pitch moving about in the darkness, seeking him.
 There was no way he could explain his presence in Pitch's room, or even his reason for returning to the grotto. He felt like he was doing something sneaky and shallow and all he wanted was to escape from this situation undetected. He would come back, maybe...
 Just as suddenly as it had been extinguished, the unnatural light returned, and Jack noticed that he could see a shadow on the bedframe once again.
  Breathing an inward sigh of relief, Jack turned towards the door to go, when he came face to face with Pitch Black.
 Startled, Jack toppled backwards on to the cold hard ground. Swivelling his head around he realised that the shadow he had seen in the bed had been just that; which faded away even as he looked at it.
  "What are you doing here, Jack?" Pitch breathed in
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No Place to Hide Pt.2
  Not much had changed since Jack was last there, except the absence of the imprisoned Baby Teeth and the Night Mares the place seemed even emptier.
   Jack almost instantly regretted his decision, wondering why he had come at all. He certainly had no good memories of being in here-just that the first and only time he had been scared out of his mind, having Pitch peruse through his fears like a catalogue, enlarging and distorting them. Anyway he looked at it, the situation was impossible-Pitch was the enemy! Jack was about to turn around and head back the way he came when he heard a strange sound further in.
   Raising his staff with both hands, Jack took tentative, careful steps towards the cause of it, wary that in all likelihood Pitch had become aware of his presence and was luring him further in with the intention of ensnaring him with some trap or other.
  Stalking past the empty, dangling cages Jack followed the sound down a spiralling stairca
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No Place to Hide Pt.1
     Jack Frost tossed fervently in his bed, a swirl of images racing through his mind. He was standing in a darkly lit cave, a mob of identical shadows surrounding and taunting him, when a sudden burst of white light found him standing on an icy ledge with...Pitch Black.
       Pitch spoke, but the words came out all at once, overlapping and nightmarish. "All these years I thought no one else could know what this feels like..." "What goes together better than cold and dark?!" "Fine. Then be alone!"
      Then it was as if the film of a movie caught fire as the dream started folding in on itself, leaving Jack with the image of Pitch being dragged screaming down into the earth as it collapsed around him.
     Jack awoke abruptly, cloaked in a cold sweat and breathing shallow, ragged breaths. He panicked slightly as he was trapped in tangled, unfamiliar bedsheets. It reminded him of the cold, dark place he had b
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After Ever After: Part 3
   Bright morning sun flitted playfully through the drawn drapes, finding it's way to a sleepy Fakir. He stretched slowly, yawning a few times before escaping from the intoxicatingly warm, plush blankets and shivered. The lodge seems peculiarly cold this morning, Fakir thought. Perhaps there was a draft somewhere...
      Fakir dressed with the meticulous and rhythmic motion of a soldier and found his thoughts wandering to Duck. Would she be up yet? Would she feel any better today?
   As he perused about in his half dreamwalker state down the hallway, surprise mixed with unease grabbed hold of him as he noticed how cold it seemed to be on the other side of Duck's door. "Duck?" he called out with uncertainty, wondering why it would be so cold in her room. Fakir paused, and then after a few moments pushed her door open with the palm of his hand. His eyes widened in shock at what he found. The window was wide open, and Duck was no where to be found!
    Fakir started backwards, tripping o
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After Ever After: Part 2
    Duck awoke slowly, light drifting sleepily through her half closed eyelids. Yawning absentmindedly, she glanced down at her yellow wing and felt s flicker of disappointment cross her heart. So it had been a dream after all-She really was only a duck again.
       Under the irresistible spell of the final dregs of sleep, Duck snuggled down onto the soft something she was resting on in an attempt to shelter herself from a cool breeze coming off the lake. Just then she felt her resting place shift under her and soon found she was being wrapped in a warm something or other that felt like a blanket. Reluctantly, she squinted up to find the source of the donor and found (much to her shock and embarrassment) that she had fallen asleep on Fakir's lap, and he was not only wrapping her in his jacket but had been quietly-and intently-watching her.
    "Qua..." Duck felt her face redden as Fakir smiled down at her. "Won
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After Ever After: Part 1
  "Let's compose our own ending of the story. Not just for Muyto's sake, but for our sakes as well." Fakir gazed deep into Duck's eyes as the two danced slowly in Despair. So close...
       Duck couldn't help but think about what Fakir had told her earlier-about staying beside her forever, even though she was really only a duck. It filled her heart with a warm, soft light when she thought about being with Fakir-but the way he was looking at her now, holding her tenderly in his arms scared her, and made her feel a little guilty.
    Shouldn't she want to still be with Muyto, even though he had always had Rue by his side? Deeply confused and conflicted with emotions, Duck tore her gaze away from Fakir's calm, reassuring eyes to the lake bottom.
         "Now this is something, little duck!" That voice...! Duck's eyes shot up in a flash, and found the source of that oh-so-familia
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Double Trouble

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 2, 2016, 10:33 AM
Hey there boys and girls! I hope the Fates have been treating you favourably~and not just the birthright and conquest kinds. ;9 (Okay that was terrible I'm sorry...TT^TT) I just got back Anime North a couple days ago so I thought it was about time for an update! I cosplayed Jennifer from Rule of Rose because that game has meant a lot to me this year (and it gave me an excuse to make the rose brooch. :3) Unfortunately I did not find a Wendy...or anyone else from the game for that matter. However there was a factory sealed copy in the dealers room! :D My step-bro ordered it online and I am super stoked to see what he thinks. Even if he loves it he'll probably hate it because the combat system is completely fucking whack. :/ But I digress. The con flew by at an unforgiving pace-as per usual-but I managed to buy a lot of fanart to decorate my shamefully bare walls and hit up a couple panels. The highlights for me were seeing Yaya Han's cosplay breakdown and going to the Steven Universe panel. :3 (Such lovable precious nerds. :heart:) I've already got about a hundred ideas for next year's cosplays. I can't wait! :excited: Another noteworthy point is that I've been keeping a physical journal for the past few months: it's a good writing exercise and helps keep my thoughts more organized and concise. (That said I'm still scatterbrained and excitable...) Despite the benefits it also feels like I'm carrying around a paper-thin, easily accessible piece of my soul that-if ever placed in the wrong hands-could be used to destroy me. D: (Horcrux! Horcrux!) I've also been playing lots of Birthright and Dark Souls. I professed my love for Jakob in a previous journal entry, but in the end I actually married Takumi. ^^; ehehe...What can I say? I've got a thing for forbidden love. :love: When I get around to playing Conquest I'm pretty sure I'm going to romance Leo too. My thirstiness is indomitable. :drool: I've been no less promiscuous in Dark Souls, as even before I knew it was possible to wed him I claimed Anri as my husbando and yet now I have a raging crush on Lothric younger prince. :XD: (I am also on my way to getting the fuck up ending, soooo...) I really love the storytelling method in the Souls series. Dark Souls III is the second I've played after Bloodborne but even I know the attention to detail in From Software games is staggeringly masterful. :faint: One last thing before I let you go! I heard Fake for the first time the other day and I'm really hoping Ben uses it for the confrontation between Lewis and Arthur. :3 I look forward to it~

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